Seniors and mobility

Lifts: keeping the elderly at home

The installation of a home lift is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, this device allows on the one hand to be relieved for the transport of certain heavy loads from one floor to another of the house and on the other…

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Electric stairlift: the solution for grandma and grandpa to stay in their home

The range of stairlifts allows you to find the right solution for any type of configuration. Whether the staircase is wide or narrow, steep or flat, straight or curved, an electric stairlift installation can always be adapted to reduce the…

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Installing an electric stairlift to maintain the independence of our grandparents

Today, stairlifts have become an almost indispensable device for living independently for longer. Manufacturers offer comfortable and practical electric stairlifts that are suitable for all interiors. They allow you to remain independent and to access all the rooms in the…

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Facilities to make life easier for seniors in their homes

Today, there are many possibilities for special arrangements to make life easier for seniors on a daily basis. These facilities can also be used for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or visual impairments. All these different means, in particular thanks…

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