Seniors and nutrition

Energy Supplements

The Science Behind Energy Supplements: How Do They Work?

Unraveling the secrets of energy supplements can often feel like cracking a complex code. To understand the science behind these invigorating products, one must delve into the roles played by key ingredients – from the energy-boosting effects of caffeine to…

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Impact of healthy eating on the health of older people

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to keep seniors in shape. It is even the secret of longevity. To do this, it is sufficient to know which foods are good for you, and which are best avoided, in order…

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Ideas for balanced menus for seniors

A balanced diet is important throughout life, but this becomes even more important with the ageing process. Beware of preconceived ideas concerning the nutritional intake of the elderly and it is better to follow the nutritional advice of a dietician…

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How to improve the diet of senior citizens

Elderly people need a healthy diet. Each age group has its own type of nutrition that is ideal for maintaining good health. For seniors, a healthy diet can strengthen the immune system and promote bone health, making older people less…

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Essential nutrients for the elderly

According to a study, 70% of ageing is explained by the environment and only 30% by genes. Therefore, nutrition and lifestyle play a major role in ageing well. Ageing should not be considered as a disease but as a weakening…

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The causes and risks of undernutrition in the elderly

Undernutrition in the elderly can occur for various reasons. Undernutrition occurs when the diet is so poor that it no longer covers the needs of the body. If this phenomenon is not stopped quickly, the person will become weaker, lose…

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