Lifts: keeping the elderly at home

Published on : 29 November 20212 min reading time

The installation of a home lift is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, this device allows on the one hand to be relieved for the transport of certain heavy loads from one floor to another of the house and on the other hand to facilitate the maintenance at home of the old people with reduced mobility.
With a home lift, it becomes very easy to transport from one floor to another, logs for the fireplace, furniture, groceries… For people in a state of physical dependence or in a wheelchair, it will become very simple to move from one floor to another in the house. The electric lift for private use works differently than an industrial lift because its motor is located in the shaft to save space, whereas the motor of the industrial lift is located in a room intended for this purpose. The operation of the lift is basic: the lift is driven by an electric motor, the lift car is suspended on metal cables and has a counterweight to counterbalance it. Regardless of the technology chosen, the electric freight elevator consists of: a counterweight; a cabin; cables connecting the cabin to the counterweight; and a pulley system. The lift has several advantages: it moves quickly within the home from one floor to another; it is ecological and environmentally friendly; it is less expensive than a hydraulic lift. The purpose of installing a home lift is to enable elderly or dependent people to remain in their own homes, while benefiting from the care and equipment adapted to enable them to enjoy life in peace, particularly by moving around in complete safety. Today, the lift is a facility that keeps many elderly people at home for many years. The strongest argument in favour of installing a lift is that it guarantees a certain degree of autonomy for dependent people when moving around their home, particularly when moving from one floor to another. This means that the elderly or physically dependent person can easily and conveniently access all the rooms in their home with your lift. The advantages of home care are well established and the elderly person can move freely from one floor to another while remaining independent and safe.

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