Electric stairlift: the solution for grandma and grandpa to stay in their home

Published on : 29 November 20212 min reading time

The range of stairlifts allows you to find the right solution for any type of configuration. Whether the staircase is wide or narrow, steep or flat, straight or curved, an electric stairlift installation can always be adapted to reduce the isolation and dependency of elderly people.
The electric stairlift is a domestic installation that aims to facilitate access to floors for people with reduced mobility or who are dependent on a wheelchair. Whatever the model chosen and the reason for its installation, whether it is for necessity or comfort, the stairlift represents an effective, safe solution to gain autonomy and avoid isolation of the elderly. Nowadays, manufacturers offer reliable and efficient devices to help all those who have difficulty moving from one floor to another in their home. With an electric stairlift, there is no need to restrict activities to the ground floor or to carry out major renovation work in order to be able to use all floors of the home. Fight against the isolation of the elderly and their physical dependence by having an equipment adapted to your needs installed in the best safety conditions. Regain your autonomy and break the isolation by having a totally safe electric stairlift installed quickly and easily in your home. Stairlift manufacturers offer products that are approved in accordance with current European standards. They also provide their customers with free installation by approved professionals, together with a maintenance and repair contract to guarantee the after-sales service of the electric stairlift. In the wide range of stairlifts, it is always possible to find a solution that is perfectly adapted to people who, for example, depend on a wheelchair to get around or to seniors with reduced mobility. These stairlifts are all adaptable to different indoor or outdoor staircase configurations. Currently, the majority of installations are made to measure according to the customer’s expectations. A stairlift professional will visit the customer’s home to study the accessibility, installation and manufacture of the equipment. The colour, interior design of the home, the layout of the staircase and its dimensions do not represent any physical constraints so that you can install the most suitable stairlift for your home. Each electric stairlift, whether unfolded or folded, has been designed to take up a minimum amount of space and therefore be as unobtrusive as possible.

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