Personalized funeral ceremonies

Whether simple, elaborate, religious or secular, all funeral ceremonies are feasible, provided they meet the needs of the deceased. Indeed, such an event should be memorable and should above all pay tribute to the deceased. It is the last moment after the death that will remain forever engraved in the memories of the loved ones and the family. Today, the intervention of a funeral consultant who has the means to find tailor-made solutions for organising a ceremony will remind everyone of who the deceased was and what they loved.

Choice between burial and cremation

Relatives of the deceased can break away from traditional codes and opt for a ceremony that reflects the image of the deceased. Whether the deceased was an artist, a scholar, young or old, his or her interests are the primary factor in inspiring the ceremony. Music can be played and musicians physically present. Photographs can decorate the space and filmed testimonies of loved ones can also be shown. You can also opt for the beautiful release of doves. The decoration is carried out by a funeral counsellor. He can also put the family in contact with craftsmen or artists for a unique ceremony.

Funeral ceremony for horse lovers

There are different ways of conducting a funeral procession. The motor hearse, which is far from being the only possible means of transport, is one of them. This is one of the ideas chosen by horse or riding enthusiasts. Another idea is to take a limousine or any other surprising vehicle such as a hearse built on the basis of a prestigious sedan if the deceased was an admirer of luxury cars.

Ceremony venue

New spaces are now available for families to pay their last respects to the deceased. The crematorium is thus a place of ceremony if it offers suitable reception conditions. A room dedicated to the reception and meditation of relatives, equipped with a screen and a sound system, will be very useful.

Different ways of personalising ceremonies

Although most people prefer to anchor this event in tradition or religious affiliation, funerals reflect the evolution of society and its different trends. But the most important thing is that this last tribute should reflect the image of the deceased and resonate with a particular emotion, in line with his or her affinities and those of his or her relatives. The upstream counsellors and masters of ceremony in specialised agencies are then able to meet your needs, especially if you turn to experienced people who know how to understand your wishes and make sure that each ceremony is unique. You will be able to personalise the route of the convoy while respecting all types of worship of the deceased, and offer to provide a ceremony room to welcome relatives and allow a personalised final tribute or a time of recollection.

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